What should I do if I'm having problems with my service?

If you are having problems with your service, have a look at the possible solutions below before giving us a call. 

In the first instance try this – you’d be surprised how many issues this can solve!

  • Turn your phone off and remove the SIM.
  • Power the phone on so it reads “insert/no SIM” or similar
  • Power off
  • Reinsert your SIM and turn your phone back on.

Some other things to check are:

Has your service expired? Find out more about this here.

Do you have enough credit or allowance in your plan for the call or SMS you’re trying to make or send? Here's a reminder on how to check your balance. You can check your plan inclusions and exclusions in the Critical Information Summary

Can you still not make or receive calls even though your credit and plan are in order? This information might help.

Do you receive an error message when you try to send an SMS message, read this before giving us a call!

Have you locked your phone and need your PUK code to unlock it? Log in to your MyALDImobile online account, head to the manage account section and send us an eSupport request.

If you're not receiving calls, make sure you don't have a diversion set up. Search for "diversion" in our FAQs and follow the instructions to rule this out as the cause of the problem.