International roaming information

Stay in contact when you travel

You can use your ALDImobile in some overseas countries. It's perfect for occasional use and staying in contact with those back home. Read the following information before you travel and check out our International Roaming Information guide.

Travel tips

Charges for using your service overseas are much higher than those at home and are not included in any of our plans. Free WiFi is everywhere so make the most of it to save money. Turn off data roaming and disabling auto updates for your Apps will save money too. If your phone will be a constant companion, consider buying a SIM in the country you're visiting.

Tickets, money, passport, enable roaming. Check!

To use your ALDImobile overseas you'll need to enable roaming. Log in to your online account, click 'international roaming' from the manage account menu and select your preference. We recommend you do this at least a week before you travel.

Top up your travel funds

Overseas use is not included in any of our plans so you'll need to recharge your PAYG credit to make sure you're covered. You can recharge on our website while you're away but our App won't be accessible.

Where, who, and how much

Check out what countries you can roam in, whose network you'll connect to and the charges in our International Roaming Rates Document.