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Award-winning plans that help you stay connected

We use parts of Telstra’s 5G, 4G and 3G mobile networks. The service provides 5G coverage reaching at least 75% of the Australian population. The Telstra Wholesale mobile coverage area footprint reaches more than 98.8% of the Australian population.

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Keep your number or receive a new one

We know you're attached to your number so bring it along. Just tell your current service details at activation and we’ll do the rest. To protect against mobile number theft (yes, that happens), we'll send a unique verification code to verify you own of the service. Of course, if you'd like a fresh start with a new number, we can do that too.

Unlimited data rollover

Still have data left when your plan expires? Just roll it over when you recharge with the same Mobile Plan, Family Plan or 1 Year Super Pack within 24 hours of expiry. Moving to a higher value plan? Data rollover may also apply based on eligibility criteria. Auto Recharge your service and let us take care of it for you.

To get the full details on how unlimited data rollover works, head over to the Plans page.

Auto Recharge

Shouldn't things just work? Auto Recharge automatically recharges the same plan when it expires so you don't have to manually recharge each time. We'll even send you a notification once complete or if there is a failure.

Click to learn all you need to know about Auto Recharge.

No lock-in contracts

With our Mobile Plans you have the freedom and flexibility to change plans every 30 days, depending on what lies ahead. You can also leave anytime, but we think you’ll want to stay.

No bill shock

Not all surprises are good, so you’ll never receive an unexpected bill from us. Choose from unlimited calls and SMS with our Mobile Plans, generous data allowance with our Data Plans or long lasting Pay As You Go credit. ALDImobile equals peace of mind.

Mobile App

Have we got an App for you! Check your balance, add more data or set up auto recharge - all without (barely) lifting a finger. It’s that simple.

Discover the benefits of the ALDImobile app.


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Big telco coverage

We use Australia's trusted mobile network

The Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network coverage area reaches more than 98.8% of the Australian population with 3G*, 4G or 5G and covers more than 1.6 square kilometers of the Australian landmass. The service provides 4G coverage reaching at least 98.7% of the Australian population and at least 75% with 5G.

*Please note: Telstra’s 3G Network will close on 31 August 2024. After this date, you'll need a 4G device with VoLTE calling capability to stay connected to our network.

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