Data Rollover

Some of our Plans are eligible to rollover unused data allowance to your next recharge period. Check our Critical Information Summaries to confirm eligibility.

When will my data rollover?

If your current plan is eligible for data rollover and you renew the same plan by recharging within 24 hours of it expiring, your data will rollover (how much will depend on your specific plans rules).

What happens if I change plans?

If you are changing plans, you may be eligible to rollover your data.

Data will rollover when you change plans within 24 hours of your previous plan's expiry when both the following conditions occur:

  • Your new plan is within the same plan group (e.g. Mobile Plan to Mobile Plan), and;

  • The new plan is of a higher value than your current plan (e.g. $29 5G Mobile Plan to $39 5G Mobile Plan).

If you are on a Family Plan, please note that you are not able to change to another Family Plan.

How much data can I rollover?

If your eligible recharge is on a Mobile Plan, Family Plan or 1 Year Super Pack, all you unused data will rollover.

If your eligible recharge is on Data Plan, the amount you can rollover is determined by your Data Plan, if you have more data that your plans rollover allowance the additional data will not rollover and will be forfeited.

How does data rollover work?

If your recharge is eligible and you are able to rollover unused data, your plan will have a data balance linked to your current plans allowance and a data rollover balance which contains the data you have rolled over.

When using data, your plans allowance is used first and if this has been exhausted you will then consume data from your data rollover balance.

If you have data rollover and your next recharge is not eligible for data rollover, all unused data on your service will be forfeited.

When will my data not rollover?

You data will not rollover when the following occurs:

  • Your recharge occurs 24 hours or more after your current plans expiry;

  • If you move to a different type of plan (e.g. a Mobile Plan to a Super Pack), your data will not rollover, even if the new plan value is higher.

  • If you move to a lower value plan (e.g. $39 5G Mobile Plan to $29 5G Mobile Plan), you data will not rollover, even though you are changing plans within the same plan group.