How do I turn on International Roaming?

You need to log into your My ALDImobile account through our website, click on the service that you want to activate roaming for, and click on ‘International Roaming’ in the shortcut menu.

You will see the option to enable or disable roaming to allow your number to be used overseas (in selected countries).

You should be aware that the use of your ALDImobile service outside of Australia may incur significantly higher charges than use of the service within Australia.

You can see the countries where you can use international roaming on your ALDImobile service, the relevant charges and the providers on our legals page or by clicking here.

To turn roaming off, simply log in to your account and update your roaming preference to set it to disabled.

You should enable roaming at least 1 week before you depart to ensure your phone settings are updated and ready to use overseas.