What do I do if my number has been transferred/ported without my approval?

Fraudulent mobile number porting happens when a scammer uses your name, address, date of birth, mobile number and account number to port your ALDImobile number to another provider. As long as the scammer has access to this information, they can port your service in line with The Telecommunications Numbering Plan 2015 and the incoming and outgoing providers cannot prevent it.

Scammers can get access to your personal details from many sources including your social media profiles and by stealing mail from your letter box. They will then use your mobile number to gain access to email accounts and bank account details. Once your number has been ported, you no longer have access to it which means that any verification codes being sent to you by your bank for large money transfers will be sent to a scammer instead. This means they can authorise these transfers and steal money from you.

The implications of fraudulent number porting can be very serious and include financial loss, negative credit ratings, and emotional stress. We take customer privacy seriously and are continually reviewing our processes to ensure we are doing all we can to protect you from this type of malicious activity.

How to tell your number has been ported

A sign that your number may have been ported is that you’ll be unable to make/receive calls, send/receive SMS or use data. Your phone may show ‘SOS only’ where the reception bars usually appear. Note that these symptoms can be due to a faulty SIM or network outage also, so you should call us to investigate.

Suggestions for what to do if your service has been ported without your authority or if you have been scammed

  • Telephone us to see if your number has been ported and if so, complete a port reversal authority so we can transfer the service back to ALDImobile and into your name.
  • When you call us, you can set up or change your phone PIN at the same time.
  • Contact your bank to tell them what’s happened and to see if your accounts have been compromised. Advise them of any unauthorised transactions.
  • Change your online passwords on your MyALDImobile account and all social media, banking, email and other important accounts.
  • Let your family and close friends know to watch out for strange emails and messages sent from your account as scammers may try and obtain personal information from them to commit further fraud.
  • Report the matter to the police assistance line on  131 444, Scamwatch and the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN).
  • For identity fraud, you can contact IDCare.
  • You will need to purchase a new SIM as we cannot reverse your number on to a previously activated SIM. Do not activate the new SIM.