What is Auto Recharge?

Auto Recharge automatically recharges the same Mobile Plan, Family Plan, Data Plan or Super Pack when it expires. We'll send you an SMS and email to let you know we've renewed your plan.

Payment methods

You must have a valid Visa Card, Mastercard or PayPal payment method stored on your account.

You can add or update payment methods within your MyALDImobile online account or via the App. You can also enable or disable the Auto Recharge function there.


Auto Recharges commence just after midnight on the day your recharge expires. Recharges are processed in batches and it generally takes 3-4 hours for the entire batch to complete. 

It's important to have PAYG credit or you may find yourself without outgoing services while the batch process runs. If you use your PAYG credit during this time all charges are valid, and we will not refund the credit you have used.

If you are not comfortable using PAYG credit while the batch process runs it is recommended that you recharge manually instead.

Manual recharges

If you make a manual recharge when Auto Recharge is enabled then manual recharge will become the default setting. You will need to activate Auto Recharge thereafter if you wish the process to be automated again in future.

Changing plans

If you already have Auto Recharge activated on a current plan, and are changing to a new one, it does not automatically transfer to your new plan. You MUST set up Auto Recharge on your new plan.


There are several reasons why an Auto Recharge may fail:

  1. Expired credit card – ensure that your credit card details are current
  2. Credit card not on file – ensure that you register your credit card for payment
  3. Change of bank account – you may have changed banks or opened a new account
  4. Insufficient funds – there are not enough funds in your bank account to cover the recharge amount

In these events you shall be notified by SMS on the number registered to your service at the time of the failed recharge.