Question your telco plan

A guide to smart usage and savings so you can maximise your mobile experience while minimising costs.

Find the best mobile plan for your needs

This guide is designed for both new and existing customers looking to optimise their mobile plans. Remember, we're here to help you make informed decisions about which plan is best for you.

Understand your telco needs

Does your plan meet your needs?

Understanding your plan and what you need is the first step to getting the most out of your plan.

  • Most mobile plans include unlimited standard calls and SMS to Australian numbers (When service providers say ‘standard’, look for information about what they mean. It can be different from provider to provider), so most of your calling needs will be covered. Some plans will even include international calls to selected countries (look for information about which countries they are referring to. It can be different from provider to provider).
  • Expiry periods for prepaid plans vary among providers, most leading plans offering either a 28 or 30 day expiry period. The savings from being on a plan with a longer expiry can really add up over time.
  • Data is included in most plans. How much data you need will be one of the biggest factors impacting the price of your plan.

At ALDImobile, our 30 day Plans all come with 30 day expiry, unlimited standard calls and SMS to Australian numbers (When service providers say ‘standard’, look for information about what they mean. It can be different from provider to provider), unlimited calls & SMS to 20 popular international destinations and great included data options. With plans starting from $15 per 30 days, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing a Mobile Plan

Understand your data usage

Know how much data you need

Many Australians don't use all the data included in their plan, meaning they could save money by moving to a cheaper plan with the right amount of data. To understand how much data you need, consider doing the following:

  • Use online tools & apps provided by your telco to track your data usage.
  • Review your recent bills.
  • Check usage trends regularly.

It’s easy to stay on top of your data balance with the ALDImobile app, and with a wide range of 30 day plans we’ve got all the data you need at a low price.

Review your usage

Choose the right plan

Select a plan tailored to your needs

It's important to choose a plan that matches your average data usage, with a bit extra to avoid bill shock during higher usage months. Consider these tips:

  • Ensure your plan includes slightly more data than your average usage.
  • Choose a plan that allows you to flex up or down, in months where you intend to use more or less data. Or choose a plan with data banking, so unused data isn’t lost to you.
  • Consider family plans with shared data pools.
  • Look for plans with unlimited standard calls and SMS to Australian numbers (When service providers say ‘standard’, look for information about what they mean. It can be different from provider to provider).

ALDImobile plans have plenty of data options and you can flex between them month-to-month as needed. We also offer family plans for 2-6 users with pooled data and most of our plans also include unlimited standard calls and SMS to Australian numbers (When service providers say ‘standard’, look for information about what they mean. It can be different from provider to provider).

Find your ideal plan

Reassess your plan after paying off your phone

Review your plan when you pay off your phone

If you’ve been paying off a phone handset as part of a plan with another provider, and all the handset payments have been made and want to keep using it, you might still be on a plan that costs more or has more data the you need. Re-evaluate your plan and consider the following:

  • Review your plan to see if it is still right for you.
  • Switch to a SIM only or prepaid plan, which could help you save on monthly fees.
  • Look for flexible plans without long-term contracts.

If you've paid off your phone you can bring your own device (BYOD) to ALDImobile where all our 30 day plans are SIM-only prepaid plans, giving you total control over how much you spend.

Learn more about BYOD

Take advantage of data rollover

Make the most of data rollover

Data rollover, or data banking, allows you to carry over unused data from one month to the next. This feature can help prevent bill shock during periods of higher-than-normal usage. Keep these points in mind:

  • Carry over unused data from one month to the next.
  • Prevents bill shock during periods of higher-than-normal usage.
  • Learn about data rollover features in different plans.

When you’re on selected ALDImobile plans, you’ll receive and keep unlimited data rollover when you stay on the same plan, or move to an eligible higher value plan.

Benefits of data rollover

Use Wi-Fi and other tips

Make your data go further with these handy tips

Consider connecting to Wi-Fi and you’ll save on mobile data usage. Also, consider adjusting your app settings to restrict background data usage, and download or update apps over Wi-Fi to minimise data consumption.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible.
  • Restrict background data usage.
  • Download or update apps over Wi-Fi.

At ALDImobile, we recommend using Wi-Fi when possible. To do so safely, verify the network's security and confirm your Wi-Fi connection has an unlimited data plan (if you’re using your own Wi-Fi) to prevent unexpected charges.

More data-saving tips

Pay only for what you need

Pricier plans generally include more data and it's perfectly fine not to use all the data in your plan. The key is to ensure that you're not paying for significantly more data than you need. Regularly assess your usage and adjust your plan accordingly to save money.

This guide should help you make informed decisions about your mobile plans and better understand your data usage. By following these best practices, you can optimise your mobile plan, save money, and enjoy a worry-free mobile experience.

Make the smart choice

ALDImobile's smart plans have features such as tailored usage options, generous inclusions, long expiry periods, device flexibility, and data rollover.

Start saving today

Smart usage FAQs

Answers to common questions relating to Smart Usage can be found below;

Taking the time to research and choose a mobile plan that fits your needs and budget is crucial. Here are some tips to help you find the right plan:

Determine your data usage

Start by identifying how much data you need, based on your past usage. If unsure, opt for a smaller plan from a flexible provider who allows you to move between recharges, and monitor your usage frequently to start.

Consider your budget

Mobile data plans can vary in price, so consider your budget when choosing a plan. Look for plans that fit your budget while providing the data and features you need.

Compare plans

Don't settle for the first plan you find. Compare our plans to find the best match for your needs and budget.

Check coverage in your area

Before choosing a plan, use coverage maps to ensure that there's good network coverage in the areas where you'll use your phone the most.

Regularly assess your usage

Once you've chosen a plan, regularly assess your usage to avoid paying for more data than needed. If consistently using less data, consider downgrading to a smaller plan to save money.

Research and consideration lead to the right plan

Finding the right mobile data plan requires a little research and consideration up front but by determining data usage, considering budget, comparing plans, checking coverage, and regularly assessing usage, you can find a plan that fits your needs and saves money time after time.

By regularly reviewing your data usage, you can optimise usage to ensure you choose the plan that best matches your needs and only pay for what you require.

Look at your data usage history

Examine your data usage history through your provider’s mobile app or website to identify usage patterns. Take note of any spikes in data usage, such as streaming videos or large downloads, which could indicate specific data needs.

Identify data-hungry apps

Review your mobile phone's settings to pinpoint the apps consuming the most data. This helps you determine which apps need regulation or if you need a larger data allowance.

Set data usage alerts

Configure data usage alerts to receive notifications when you are approaching or exceeding your limit. Keep in mind that data alert management features may vary by handset or operating system, so check with your manufacturer for the specific tools available on your device.

Also it’s important to note that device settings or apps may report different usage values. Set targets below thresholds and compare with your account portal for accuracy.

Adjust your usage where possible

Consider using Wi-Fi at home or work to reduce mobile data consumption. To do so safely, verify the network's security and be aware of the Wi-Fi connection’s plan data inclusions to avoid unexpected charges. You can also disable animations and background processes on your phone to conserve data.

ALDImobile’s Mobile, Family & Data plans include generous data allowances. View the full range here.

Finding the right mobile plan can be daunting, but with these helpful tips you can find the plan that best suits your needs.

Analyse your data usage

Examine your current data usage by reviewing your phone bill or accessing your account. This helps determine average usage and identify usage trends over time.

Know your limits

Understand limits and potential charges associated with your plan, such as extra charges for additional services or throttling. Select a plan that suits your needs and consider upgrading if you consistently exceed your data limit.

Compare plans

Don't settle for the first plan you encounter. Explore and compare different plan types and values to ensure you get the best fit.

Check coverage

Verify that the areas you plan on using your plan are well serviced using coverage maps. A great plan is of no use if you can't utilise it where you need.

Think long-term

When selecting a mobile data plan, consider your needs for the next year or more. Will you be traveling? Do you expect to use more data for work or entertainment? Choose a plan that aligns with your long-term needs and goals, or offers the flexibility to switch to SIM-only or prepaid options.

ALDImobile’s range of Mobile, Family & Data plans have great inclusions and along with PAYG they offer the flexibility to change month-to-month with great coverage. View the full range here.

What is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, allows you to use your existing smartphone or tablet with a new mobile plan, instead of purchasing a new device when you sign up.

BYOD benefits: Why you should consider it

Cost Savings: Switch to a SIM-only or prepaid plan once you've paid off your phone. These plans can be more affordable than bundled plans and allow you to avoid long-term commitments.

Flexibility: BYOD plans offer a variety of options and pricing, making it easy to switch between plans based on your usage and budget.

Environmentally Friendly: Prolong the life of your current device and reduce electronic waste by opting for a BYOD plan.

Familiarity: Continue using a device you're comfortable with, without needing to learn how to navigate a new one.

Set yourself free: What to check before switching

Contract Status: Confirm that your handset is paid off and that you're no longer on a handset plan before switching to a BYOD or prepaid plan.

Network compatibility: Ensure your device is compatible with the network you want to use (we use parts of Telstra’s 5G, 4G and 3G mobile networks). While most modern devices support Telstra’s 3G and 4G bands, it’s best to check first.

Unlocked: While uncommon, some older devices (especially branded ones) may be locked to their original network, and you may need to unlock it or use a different device if this is the case.

Embrace BYOD for cost-effective and flexible mobile plans

Choosing a BYOD plan can save money, provide greater freedom in selecting your plan, and promote a more sustainable approach to technology use. Just make sure your device is compatible with your new plan.

All ALDImobile 30 day plans are pre-paid and SIM-only and allow you to enjoy the advantages of bringing your own device. View the full range here.

The ability to rollover your unused data is a valuable feature. Many of our plans include data rollover, so ensure you check the details on eligibility criteria and the conditions for maintaining it.

Key points to consider about data rollover

Cost Savings

Carry over unused data from one recharge to the next. Instead of losing any unused data, use it later if your data needs increase rather than changing to a higher value plan.


Data rollover allows you to use your data on your terms. Carry over any unused data and avoid the frustration of monitoring your usage or purchasing data top-ups. This is particularly helpful for families or individuals with high or unpredictable data usage patterns.

Increased Data Usage

Data rollover encourages more frequent data usage, knowing that unused data carries over to the next month. This is beneficial for those with varying data usage patterns throughout the year.

Plan Customisation

Research and compare plans to find one that suits your needs. Some plans offer unlimited data rollover, while others limit the amount that can be carried over. Understanding available data rollover options helps you customise your plan.

Make the most of data rollover

Data rollover allows you to potentially save money, enjoy greater flexibility, have peace of mind, increase periodic data usage, and customise your plan. To take advantage of data rollover, research and compare our plans to find one that offers the features most important to you.

Making the most of your data is crucial to avoid using it all up or to simply get more out of your mobile plan. Here are some key tips to help you save data:

Use data monitoring tools

Data monitoring tools help you track your usage. Access these tools through your provider’s mobile app or website to gain valuable insights into your usage patterns and adjust habits accordingly.

Turn off automatic video playback

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram have default automatic video playback settings that can consume data quickly. Disable this feature in the app settings to reduce data usage.

Use offline modes

Apps like Google Maps and Spotify offer offline modes, allowing you to use the app without consuming data. Remember to download offline maps or playlists beforehand.

Use a data-saving browser

Browsers like Google Chrome and Opera feature data-saving modes that compress images and other media to reduce data usage when browsing the web.

Use data compression apps

Various apps can compress your data usage by reducing image, video, and other media sizes. Be sure to read the terms of each app before using them.

Be mindful of streaming habits

Streaming video and music can use up data quickly. Download content over Wi-Fi instead of streaming, or use lower-quality settings to minimize data consumption.

Connect to Wi-Fi wisely

Wi-Fi lets you access data without tapping into your allowance. To do so safely, verify the network's security and confirm your Wi-Fi connection has an unlimited data plan (if using your own Wi-Fi) to prevent unexpected charges.

Save Data, Use Wi-Fi Effectively, and Get More from Your Mobile Plan

By using data monitoring tools, disabling automatic video playback, utilising offline modes, leveraging data-saving browsers and apps, being mindful of streaming habits, and connecting to Wi-Fi wisely, you can reduce data usage. Implement these tips and combine with the right ALDImobile plan to see how much you can save!