Discover the perfect mobile plan: Helpful tips and advice

Finding the right mobile plan can be daunting, but with these helpful tips you can find the plan that best suits your needs.

Analyse your data usage

Examine your current data usage by reviewing your phone bill or accessing your account. This helps determine average usage and identify usage trends over time.

Know your limits

Understand limits and potential charges associated with your plan, such as extra charges for additional services or throttling. Select a plan that suits your needs and consider upgrading if you consistently exceed your data limit.

Compare plans

Don't settle for the first plan you encounter. Explore and compare different plan types and values to ensure you get the best fit.

Check coverage

Verify that the areas you plan on using your plan are well serviced using coverage maps. A great plan is of no use if you can't utilise it where you need.

Think long-term

When selecting a mobile data plan, consider your needs for the next year or more. Will you be traveling? Do you expect to use more data for work or entertainment? Choose a plan that aligns with your long-term needs and goals, or offers the flexibility to switch to SIM-only or prepaid options.

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