Maximise your mobile plan: The benefits of data rollover

The ability to rollover your unused data is a valuable feature. Many of our plans include data rollover, so ensure you check the details on eligibility criteria and the conditions for maintaining it.

Key points to consider about data rollover

Cost Savings

Carry over unused data from one recharge to the next. Instead of losing any unused data, use it later if your data needs increase rather than changing to a higher value plan.


Data rollover allows you to use your data on your terms. Carry over any unused data and avoid the frustration of monitoring your usage or purchasing data top-ups. This is particularly helpful for families or individuals with high or unpredictable data usage patterns.

Increased Data Usage

Data rollover encourages more frequent data usage, knowing that unused data carries over to the next month. This is beneficial for those with varying data usage patterns throughout the year.

Plan Customisation

Research and compare plans to find one that suits your needs. Some plans offer unlimited data rollover, while others limit the amount that can be carried over. Understanding available data rollover options helps you customise your plan.

Make the most of data rollover

Data rollover allows you to potentially save money, enjoy greater flexibility, have peace of mind, increase periodic data usage, and customise your plan. To take advantage of data rollover, research and compare our plans to find one that offers the features most important to you.