Master your data: How to review and optimise usage

By regularly reviewing your data usage, you can optimise usage to ensure you choose the plan that best matches your needs and only pay for what you require.

Look at your data usage history

Examine your data usage history through your provider’s mobile app or website to identify usage patterns. Take note of any spikes in data usage, such as streaming videos or large downloads, which could indicate specific data needs.

Identify data-hungry apps

Review your mobile phone's settings to pinpoint the apps consuming the most data. This helps you determine which apps need regulation or if you need a larger data allowance.

Set data usage alerts

Configure data usage alerts to receive notifications when you are approaching or exceeding your limit. Keep in mind that data alert management features may vary by handset or operating system, so check with your manufacturer for the specific tools available on your device.

Also it’s important to note that device settings or apps may report different usage values. Set targets below thresholds and compare with your account portal for accuracy.

Adjust your usage where possible

Consider using Wi-Fi at home or work to reduce mobile data consumption. To do so safely, verify the network's security and be aware of the Wi-Fi connection’s plan data inclusions to avoid unexpected charges. You can also disable animations and background processes on your phone to conserve data.

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