Why isn't my International Roaming working?

By default, all ALDImobile customers do not have International Roaming active on their service.

To turn on International Roaming, see here.

How do I know if my International Roaming is working?

Once you arrive at your destination, you will receive notifications via SMS notifying roaming is now active and that you have connected to a foreign carrier's network.

Only select countries will allow International Roaming, so ensure that your destination is eligible. 

Still experiencing issues?

If you have activated roaming and have arrived at an eligible International Roaming destination, but still cannot use your service, there are a few things you can try:

  • Power cycle your device and send a test message or make a test call
  • Ensure your device is set to "Auto Select" or "Auto Connect" in your mobile network settings
  • Check the foreign carrier's coverage map to ensure they have coverage in your area

If you continue to experience issues with your roaming then log in to your my ALDImobile account and send us an eSupport ticket.