$15 Mobile Plan - Withdrawal of, and offer to the $17 Mobile Plan

From 15 November 2023 we will be withdrawing the $15 Mobile Plan. Customers on this plan will be offered the $17 Mobile Plan as a replacement. This FAQ provides information about this change and how it will affect you.

Plan comparison:

Detail $15 Mobile Plan $17 Mobile Plan
Price per recharge $15 $17
Expiry 30 days 30 days
Network 4G 4G
Data allowance 3GB 6GB
Data Rollover Unlimited Unlimited
Standard calls & SMS to Australian numbers Unlimited Unlimited
Standard MMS to Australian numbers 1,000 2,000

Note that the Telstra Wholesale 3G Network will close mid-2024. After this date, you'll need a 4G device with VoLTE calling capability to stay connected. Speed caps apply to all of our plans.

Common questions:

Q: What is happening to the $15 Mobile Plan?
A: The $15 Mobile Plan will no longer be available starting from 15 November 2023. Existing customers will be offered the $17 Mobile Plan as an alternative.

Q: Can I still purchase the $15 Mobile Plan after 15 November 2023?
A: No, after 15 November 2023, the $15 Mobile Plan will no longer be available to new customers or as a recharge option within MyALDImobile or the ALDImobile app.

Q: What happens if I am currently on the $15 Mobile Plan?
A: Existing services on the $15 Mobile Plan will be handled as follows:

  • If you have Auto Recharge set to ON, we will automatically charge your account with the $17 Mobile Plan on your next recharge.
  • If you have Auto Recharge set to OFF, you will need to select a new plan option using our portal or mobile app for your next recharge.

Q: What to my Data Rollover balance?
A: If you are on the $15 Mobile Plan and have a Data Rollover balance, this will be maintained as you transition to the new plan, as long as data 

Q: What if I have a $15 Mobile Plan recharge voucher that's still valid?
A: If you have an unused $15 Mobile Plan recharge voucher that has not expired you can still use it and receive the benefits of the new plan. However, once the plan expires, you will be offered the $17 Mobile Plan on your next recharge.

Q: The $17 Mobile Plans is being discontinued. What does that mean for me?
A: Whilst the $17 Mobile Plan will not be offered to new customer from 15 November 2023, select customers including those whose last recharge was on the $15 Mobile Plan, are able to recharge with the $17 Mobile Plan on an ongoing basis. If this changes, we will let you know in advance.

If after 15 November 2023 you move to a different plan, you will not be able to select the $17 Mobile Plan after you have moved.

For full details on rates and terms, consult the relevant Critical Information Summaries.