Value Pack updates April 2016

We are pleased to announce we are making some improvements to our Value Packs from 28th April 2016 to provide you with even more value for money. 

The new Value Packs are shown in the comparison table below, but here is a summary of the changes:

  • 4G coming to ALDImobile

    From 28th April, all plans will offer 4G coverage
    Existing customers will be migrated to 4G by 28th April
    No extra charge for 4G coverage (View 4G coverage here)
  • More value, no increase in price

    S and M Value packs will come with increased included value and data
    S and M Value Packs will have unlimited SMS and MMS
    XL and XXL Value Packs are getting increased international minutes 
  • Simplified plans

    L, XL and XXL Value pack now have unlimited standard natioonal calls, SMS and MMS included
    No more weekend data, instead you can use your data when you like
    1 Data Add-on option for all Value Packs, add 1GB at anytime for $10 (up to 5 can be added per Value Pack)
    No changes to our 1.5GB, 4GB, 6GB Data Packs

Important information:

  • If you purchase a Value Pack before 28th April 2016, you will receive the current plan inclusions.
  • If you have auto-recharge set on your pack and your recharge occurs before 28th April 2016 you will receive the current plan inclusions, all recharges that occur on the 28th April 2016 or after this date will automatically include the new plan inclusions.
  • If you are on our Old S or Old L Value Packs, there will be no change to your Pack. If you change to the new Value Packs, you will no longer be able to purchase the Old Value Packs.

Review our new Value Packs

The following Value Packs are available effective 28th April 2016.

Remember All of our Packs include free ALDI 2 ALDI calls and SMS meaning you can chat to friends and family who are also with ALDImobile for no charge.1

Value Packs comparison table‚Äč

Important information For personal use only, acceptable use policy applies, visit for more details. 1Free calls and SMS to ALDImobile numbers is only available when you have a Value Pack added to your service (it is not available if you only have Pay As You Go credit). 2The examples shown are if you use your included credit to only make calls. You can use your credit for any combination of national calls, SMS, MMS and voicemail. Equivalent rates are: Standard National Fixed Line, Mobile and Voicemail Call rates are 10c per minute, the cost of making a 2 minute call is 20c. Standard National SMS rates are 10c per SMS, Standard National MMS rates are 30c per MMS and Standard National Video MMS rates are 60c per Video MMS. 3 Excludes some use such as: calls to international numbers, satellite numbers, and premium numbers (eg. 19xx numbers). 4 Excludes some use such as: video MMS, SMS/MMS to international or satellite numbers, and premium numbers (eg. 19xx numbers). Excludes all use overseas. Any MMS that includes Video or Audio is charged at $1 and is taken from your Pay As You Go (PAYG) credit (except on S and M where it will be taken from your included credit first, and then from your PAYG credit if this is exhausted). 5If you purchase a Data add-on, it expires at the end of your Value Pack; you can add a maximum of 5 Data Add-ons during the validity period of your Value Pack.6Included international calls are to eligible numbers and countries only, you can review the list of eligible numbers here.

The mobile product of ALDImobile provides a combined 4G and 3G coverage footprint of 98.5% and 4G coverage footprint of 92% of the Australian population covering 1.3 million square kilometres. 3G handsets will only receive 3G coverage. You can view a a detailed coverage map on our website

These Value Packs can be added to a Pay As You Go plan, it cannot be added if you have a Data Pack. If you add a Value Pack whilst you have a Data Pack, you will forfeit the Data Pack and any remaining data.

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