What is the difference between the Pay As You Go plan and a Mobile Plan?

Every single ALDImobile service has a Pay As You Go (PAYG) base plan. Your SIM automatically gives you a PAYG base plan when you activate it, giving you 365 days expiry and $5 credit.

If you want to use your phone casually, then Pay As You Go credit gives you 365 days expiry, you just choose how much you want to recharge. You can choose from $15, $25 or $35 recharge options, you can buy vouchers for these recharge options in store. You can view more information about PAYG here.

We have 4 Mobile Plans and 3 Data Plans to choose from and can be added to your Pay As You Go base plan to give you even more value for money.

Once the 30 day expiry period ends, your Mobile Plan and its remaining credits will expire and you will be left with your Pay As You Go base plan.

You can use the Pay As You Go plan in conjunction with a Mobile Plan or Data Plan as not all calls can be made using a Mobile Plan - for example international calls can only be made with Pay As You Go credit.

If you use a lot of data but only use calls and SMS a little bit, you could add a Data Plan and just use Pay As You Go credit occasionally when you need it.

If you recharge with Pay As You Go credit whilst you've got a Mobile Plan added, the credit is simply added to your main credit balance and the expiry period for the main credit balance is reset to 365 days. You can see your balance my logging into the website, or by using our Mobile app.