Pay As You Go - The full plan details

The Pay As You Go $5 plan comes with $5 of included credit to be spent on calls, messaging and data as outlined below. The credit expiry period is 365 days.

The tables below show the inclusions and call rates, keeping you informed of how many calls you'll be able to make using your credit. Please note that there may be additional charges that you incur to numbers not specified below.

Data is charged per 1KB which means the minimum amount of data you'll consume in each data session is 1KB.

Standard Services All in Australia Rate Flagfall
Standard calls to national fixed lines and Mobiles 12c/min 0c
Calls to 13xx, 1300xx numbers 12c/min 0c
Calls to 1800xx numbers 0c 0c
Voicemail retrieval and Voicemail setup 12c/min 0c
Voicemail deposit 0c 0c
Standard National TXT 12c per TXT (160 characters) N/A
Standard National MMS 35c per MMS (160KB) N/A
Data 5c / MB N/A


Special Services Rate Flagfall
Call Forwarding 32c / min 0c
National Video Call 90c per minute 0c
International Video Call $2.49 per minute 0c
Standard International TXT 25c per TXT (160 characters) N/A
Standard International MMS 75c per MMS (160KB) N/A
Video MMS $1 per MMS (160KB) N/A
National Directory Assistance (1223) 0c 90c

International calls

You can view all the International Calling Rates by clicking here.

International roaming is available in selected locations, you can find out more on our roaming page.

Important information about your plan

Calls to some SENSIS numbers (1234, 12455, and 12456) and 19xx numbers are not available on ALDImobile.

You can view the Critical information summary for this plan by clicking here.