International roaming

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You can use your ALDImobile service overseas with international roaming

How to use international roaming

You can use your ALDImobile service overseas in some countries. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family back home and when you just need to make occasional calls or send a few text messages. You should read the following information if you want to use your phone overseas.

Tips & Tricks

You should be aware that charges for usage whilst you are roaming are much higher than charges at home in Australia. If you need to use your phone a lot whilst overseas, we would suggest that you consider buying a local SIM in the country you are visiting to avoid high charges. Here's some other tips to help save your PAYG credit whilst roaming:

  • To stop your apps consuming data, we recommend that you turn data roaming off in your handset settings.
  • Using free WiFi in places like hotels, restaurants and café’s is a great free way to get online.
  • If you need to use data, make sure you turn off auto updates for your apps

1. Enable your service for roaming

  • You'll need to log in to My ALDImobile via our website and select the service you would like to enable for roaming. In the shortcut menu, you'll see the option 'International Roaming' select this and then you'll see the option to enable or disable roaming.
  • Make sure you enable roaming a week before you intend to leave to make sure your phone is activated in time.

2. Add Pay As You Go Credit

  • You'll need PAYG credit whilst overseas. You can recharge with PAYG credit before you go. If you need to recharge whilst you are overseas, simply log in via our website and select to recharge with PAYG. Please note, our mobile app will not work overseas.

3. View our roaming rates and providers

  • You can see which countries and (providers therein) are available for international roaming and the charges that apply in our International Roaming Rates document.


You should read our International Roaming Information document before you enable roaming on your service to ensure you and informed about the costs of usage overseas and for other useful information