PAYG Update

Important Changes to Pay As You Go

This update details upcoming changes to our Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan rates and will impact PAYG customers who make calls, send SMS or download data using their PAYG credit. These changes will be effective from 24 May 2023.

If you’ve received an SMS letting you know about the changes, it is because you have a service on your ALDImobile account that is being used as a PAYG service.

These changes do not impact inclusions on our Mobile Plans, Family Plans, Data Plans or 1 Year Super Packs.

Here's what’s changing:

  1. Standard call rate to Australian numbers (including voicemail retrieval): from $0.12 to $0.15 per minute.
  2. Standard SMS rate to Australian numbers: from $0.12 to $0.15 per SMS.
  3. Data rate: from $0.05 to $0.06 per MB.

For full information on the new rates and terms, see the Pay As You Go Critical Information Summary.

Why the change?

The rates that we are charged for supplying these PAYG services have been increased. At ALDImobile we aim to deliver the best possible value we can. So that we can continue to maintain flexible 365 day plans and continue the deliver great value across our other plans we have made a conscious effort to limit the impact of these changes overall by choosing to update our PAYG rates . For most customers, the impact will be less than $1 per month per service.

Need more help?

If you need clarification or assistance, our customer support team is available to answer your questions and address any concerns.

The best way for us to help you is to log in to your account and create an eSupport ticket. Alternatively you can call us from Monday to Sunday: 8:00am - 9:00pm on 2534 (free for ALDImobile customers calling from their mobile) or on 1300 989 000 (charges may apply).

If you added credit before 17 April 2023 and feel your plan no longer meets your needs and would like to discuss you options, please contact us before 17 May 2023 so we can help.

Value options tailored for you

While our PAYG plan remains a great choice for those seeking flexibility and occasional use, customers spending over $15 per 30 days will find greater value on one of our Mobile Plans, which include plenty of data, plus unlimited standard national calls and SMS to Australian numbers.

Explore options & find your perfect fit

Our Mobile Plans include unlimited standard national calls & SMS to Australian numbers, plus generous data allowances.

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Answers to common questions relating to PAYG can be found below;

Our prepaid $5 PAYG Starter Pack comes with $5 of included credit. Once the SIM is activated, this credit can be used towards calls, messaging and data as needed.

From 24 May, 2023 the expiry period of the included $5 credit and the mobile service number attached to it is 60 days from the activation date.

Any subsequent Top Ups of PAYG credit (available in $15, $25 and $35 recharge amounts from MyALDImobile, the ALDImobile App, or as vouchers in ALDI stores) have an expiry date of 365 days, and recharging with any plan will also extend the validity of the service by 365 days.

The $5 Prepaid PAYG Starter Pack includes $5 worth of credit upon activation. From 24 May 2023, this credit and the mobile service number attached to it will expire after 60 days.

To keep the service active past this point, simply Top Up with PAYG (available in $15, $25, and $35 denominations via MyALDImobile, the ALDImobile App, or as vouchers from ALDI stores) or add a Mobile, Data or Family Plan and the service will extended for another 365 days.

Any further Top Ups or Plan recharges will extend the expiry by another 365 days at a time. You can also select Auto Recharge if you select a plan so that this occurs automatically each plan expiry interval and you will no longer need to log in and recharge manually.

Every single ALDImobile service has a Pay As You Go (PAYG) base plan. Your SIM automatically gives you a PAYG base plan when you activate it, giving you 365 days expiry and $5 credit.

If you want to use your phone casually, then Pay As You Go credit gives you 365 days expiry, you just choose how much you want to recharge. You can choose from $15, $25 or $35 recharge options, you can buy vouchers for these recharge options in store. You can view more information about PAYG here.

We have 4 Mobile Plans and 3 Data Plans to choose from and can be added to your Pay As You Go base plan to give you even more value for money.

Once the 30 day expiry period ends, your Mobile Plan and its remaining credits will expire and you will be left with your Pay As You Go base plan.

You can use the Pay As You Go plan in conjunction with a Mobile Plan or Data Plan as not all calls can be made using a Mobile Plan - for example international calls can only be made with Pay As You Go credit.

If you use a lot of data but only use calls and SMS a little bit, you could add a Data Plan and just use Pay As You Go credit occasionally when you need it.

If you recharge with Pay As You Go credit whilst you've got a Mobile Plan added, the credit is simply added to your main credit balance and the expiry period for the main credit balance is reset to 365 days.

You can see your balance my logging into the website, or by using our Mobile app.

You can use your PAYG credit in full or part payment of a Mobile or Data Plan via your MyALDImobile online account or App.

Simply nominate the amount of PAYG credit you'd like to use and the remaining balance can be paid using your stored payment method.

If you already have an activated SIM with PAYG credit on it, you can move to a plan at any time.

Simply log into MyALDImobile or the ALDImobile App and select ‘Recharge’. Under this menu you will be presented with Mobile, Data and Family Plan options.

Select the plan that best suits your needs and click the ‘Switch Plan’ button. If no payment information is stored yet you will need to add this first. You can choose to use some or all of any PAYG credit for this payment, although it is handy to keep PAYG credit in reserve for any calls that may not be included in your plan allowance.

After the selected plan has been added to your service and the account has been charged you’ll have access to the plan inclusions as soon as the order has been processed. Your plan will expire on it’s validity cycle ongoing and you can recharge manually, or select Auto Recharge so it occurs automatically for you each time.

Plan selection 

  • This page contains general information on rates and inclusions for this plan. If you are considering or already have this plan, scroll down to find out what's included.
  • To activate a new service on this plan for a SIM that you have already purchased, visit our activations page.
  • To purchase a new SIM with this plan visit the $5 PAYG Starter Kit product page.
  • To move to this plan from another plan on an already activated service, log into My ALDImobile and select this plan when you next recharge. 

Plan details

The Pay As You Go $5 plan comes with $5 of included credit to be spent on calls, messaging and data as outlined below. The expiry period of the included $5 credit is 60 days. The expiry period of the subsequent PAYG Top Up credit is 365 days.

The tables below show the inclusions and call rates, keeping you informed of how many calls you'll be able to make using your credit. Please note that there may be additional charges that you incur to numbers not specified below.

Data is charged per 1KB which means the minimum amount of data you'll consume in each data session is 1KB.

Standard Services All in Australia Rate Flagfall
Standard calls to Australian fixed lines and standard Australian Mobiles 15c/min

Calls to 13xx, 1300xx numbers 15c/min 0c
Calls to 1800xx numbers 0c 0c
Voicemail retrieval and Voicemail setup 15c/min 0c
Voicemail deposit 0c 0c
Standard SMS to Australian numbers 15c per SMS N/A
Standard MMS to Australian numbers (video MMS excluded) 35c per MMS N/A
Video MMS to Australian numbers $0.35 / video MMS N/A
Data 6c/MB N/A


Special Services Rate Flagfall
Call Forwarding 32c / min 0c
National Video Call 90c per minute 0c
International Video Call $2.49 per minute 0c
Standard International SMS 25c per SMS (160 characters) N/A
Standard International MMS 75c per MMS (160KB) N/A
National Directory Assistance (1223) 0c 90c

International calls

You can view all the International Calling Rates by clicking here.

International roaming is available in selected locations, you can find out more on our roaming page.

Important information about your plan

Calls to some SENSIS numbers (1234, 12455, and 12456) and 19xx numbers are not available on ALDImobile.

You can view the Critical information summary for this plan by clicking here.