$365 Data Plan - The full plan details

Plan selection 

  • This page contains general information on rates and inclusions for this plan. If you are considering or already have this plan, scroll down to find out what's included.
  • To activate a new service on this plan for a SIM that you have already purchased, visit our activations page.
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  • To move to this plan from another plan on an already activated service, log into My ALDImobile and select this plan when you next recharge. 

Plan details

The ALDImobile $365 Data Plan gives you 365GB of data to use over 365 days. This plan does not provide you with any call or SMS credit or allowances. If you want to be able to make calls and send SMS messages at the same time as using the $365 Data Plan, you will need to ensure you have Pay As You Go credit.

This plan comes with data rollover which means that your unused data allowance may be rolled over up to a maximum total of 100GB, but the following conditions apply:

  • You recharge within 24 hours of expiry with a Data Plan of the same or higher data allowance.
  • Both Data Plans are eligible for Data Rollover
  • Unused data can rollover indefinitely up to a maximum of 100GB. Excess data is forfeited.
  • Standard data that is included with your plan is depleted first, and then any available rollover data is consumed.

Once your Data Plan credit has depleted or expired, you may add another Data Plan. If you do not add another plan, data usage will then be depleted from your Pay As You Go credit (if you have any available) at the Pay As You Go rate of 6c per MB. Please refer to the Pay As You Go plan information for full rate details.

Data is charged per 1KB which means the minimum amount of data you'll consume in each data session is 1KB.

Any charges for services that are not included as part of your ALDImobile $365 Data Plan will be deducted from your Pay As You Go credit. 

International roaming is available in selected locations, you can find out more on our roaming page

Important information about your plan 

ALDImobile offers Mobile Plans, Data Plans, Family Plan and Super Packs; you can only have one of these plans or packs added to your ALDImobile service at any one time. This means you cannot have a Mobile Plan and a Data Plan at the same time. If you add a Data Plan to your service whilst you already have a plan, you will lose that plan and its inclusions and we will not reinstate them or refund the value to you, so please take care when you are recharging to ensure you are adding the correct recharge option and check if you will lose your credits. 

Excludes all use overseas. For personal use only, an Acceptable Use Policy applies to our mobile services. You can view it on our legals page. You should refer to our Critical Information Summary to determine if this is the right plan for you.