Five reasons to love Wi-Fi Calling

We are improving our mobile services to bring you better experiences. Wi-Fi Calling is now available on compatible devices and connections so you can keep your conversations going in more places.

What is Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi Calling enables you to make and receive phone calls over a suitable Wi-Fi connection. If you have a compatible mobile device, it can use a Wi-Fi network, rather than the mobile network, to make your voice calls. Five great reasons to use Wi-Fi Calling include;

1. More ways to connect

Even with our great mobile network coverage, there are times when Wi-Fi Calling comes in handy. If you have a suitable Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to make voice calls even in areas with little or weak mobile signal, such as indoors or in some rural areas. And Wi-Fi Calling gives you another way to stay connected if there is an outage on the mobile network.

2. Cheaper calls back to Australia

If you are travelling abroad and want to call back to Australia, you can use Wi-Fi Calling to help reduce the cost of the call in most cases. Mobile usage will be deducted from your mobile plan as if you are located in Australia. This means calls you make to Australia from abroad will be deducted as an Australian domestic call.

3. Calling features work on Wi-Fi

Calling features such as Voicemail, call waiting or call conference will still work as normal on Wi-Fi calling, meaning you won’t miss out on important messages or calls.

4. Seamless call handover

Calls drop outs are less of a worry if you move away from your Wi-Fi signal as our service transitions calls seamlessly between Wi-Fi and the mobile network, when you are in our mobile coverage area.

5. The same security as our mobile network

Your voice calls over Wi-Fi are protected by the same secure industry standards as other mobile calls. There’s a couple of things to note about Wi-Fi Calling. First, you’ll need a compatible mobile device and suitable Wi-Fi connection to get all features and benefits described here. Second, any data you consume to make calls over Wi-Fi will be charged at the standard rate of your Wi-Fi service.

Using Wi-Fi Calling

To use Wi-Fi Calling, you’ll need a 4G mobile phone which is Wi-Fi Calling capable and a suitable Wi-Fi network. The best way to check if your device is capable of Wi-Fi Calling is to visit your phone maker’s website (it may be called Voice over Wi-Fi). If you have a VoLTE-enabled service, you should also have access to Wi-Fi Calling.

If you have a compatible device, you don’t have to worry about downloading apps to set up Wi-Fi Calling. You just need to ensure the Wi-Fi network details are set up on your phone and you are connected to the Wi-Fi network. Then dial as normal. In general, your device will default to Wi-Fi Calling while connected to a suitable Wi-Fi connection. To learn more about Wi-Fi Calling visit our FAQ.

Start Wi-Fi Calling now

All our ALDImobile Mobile and Family Plans, and Super Packs come with WiFi Calling as standard so check them out now to enjoy more ways to stay connected and keep the conversation going!