What is WiFi-SMS/MMS

WiFi-SMS and WiFi-MMS, also known as SMSoIP and MMSoIP, allow you to send and receive text and multimedia messages over WiFi instead of the mobile network. This enhances messaging as we move away from the older 3G network by mid-2024.

WiFi-MMS is not available yet, but we'll update this page once it launches.

How to Use WiFi-SMS

To use WiFi-SMS, you need:

  • A compatible VoLTE/4G Voice smartphone
  • Latest software updates installed
  • WiFi Calling enabled
  • Connected to a compatible WiFi network

Enabling WiFi-SMS

For iPhones:

  1. Go to Settings > Mobile > WiFi Calling and turn on
  2. Go to Settings > Messages, turn iMessage off and back on

For Android:

  1. Open the Phone app and go to Settings
  2. Turn on WiFi Calling

Benefits of WiFi-SMS

  • Send/receive texts over WiFi without mobile signal
  • Avoid SMS charges when travelling and using WiFi
  • Keep messaging after 3G shutdown in 2024


When using WiFi-SMS, you're charged standard rates based on the number - not roaming rates. So even overseas (when using WiFi-SMS only), texts to Australian numbers are charged at local rates.

Please note that while minimal, broadband usage for this service will count towards your data allowance.

Compatible Devices

Most recent smartphones with VoLTE support (required for post 3G-shutdown) should work with WiFi-SMS. Check your device specs for clarification.


Does it cost extra?
No, it's included in your mobile plan but the data usage for this service will count towards your broadband data allowance.

Can I use it on Telstra Pre-Paid?
Yes, if your pre-paid device is compatible.

What about non-Telstra broadband?
It will work, but the broadband provider's data charges apply. Your location may show as a default regional area.

Is it secure?
Yes, calls/texts use the same secure standards as the mobile network.

Does it use mobile data?
No, it uses your broadband/WiFi data instead of mobile data.

Can I make emergency calls on WiFi overseas?
No, emergency calls require the mobile network when overseas.