What is the Online Safety Code Manual?

Introduction to the Online Safety Code Manual

What is the Online Safety Code Manual?
The Online Safety Code Manual is a comprehensive guide that outlines the rules and guidelines established by the Online Safety Act 2021 and the Internet Carriage Services Online Safety Code. It is designed to promote a safer online environment in Australia by providing information on online safety regulations and compliance.

Regulations and Compliance

What are the key regulations under the Online Safety Act?
The Online Safety Act regulates various aspects of online behaviour, including cyber-bullying, cyber-abuse, image-based abuse, and online content. These regulations aim to protect individuals from online harm and ensure a safer digital space.

Who needs to comply with these regulations?
All online service providers that are accessible by users in Australia, including social media platforms, search engines, app distributors, internet carriage services, and equipment manufacturers, are required to comply with the regulations outlined in the Online Safety Act.

Industry Codes

What are the new Industry Codes?
The new Industry Codes are specific codes that apply to different online services such as social media platforms, app distribution platforms, and hosting services. These codes mandate compliance requirements related to content moderation and reporting, aiming to enhance online safety.

When will the Industry Codes become effective?
The finalised Industry Codes became effective from 16 December 2023. Online service providers will need to ensure compliance with these codes by that date.

Transparency Notices

What are transparency notices?
Transparency notices are official notices issued by the eSafety Commissioner to online service providers. These notices require the providers to submit reports on their compliance with the Basic Online Safety Expectations. It helps to ensure transparency and accountability in online safety practices.

Customer Online Safety Rules

What rules apply to customers under the Online Safety Act?
Customers are required to adhere to certain rules outlined in the Online Safety Act. They must not produce or facilitate the production of illegal online material. Violations of these rules can constitute a serious breach of customer contracts and may have legal consequences.

Internet Content Filtering

What are internet content filters and how do they work?
Internet content filters are programs or tools that can be used to block access to unacceptable or inappropriate internet content. While the use of internet content filters is voluntary in Australia, they can be an effective way to protect against exposure to harmful content and cyber threats.

Complaints and Enforcement

How can I report illegal online content?
If you come across illegal online content, you can report it either to the content provider directly or to the eSafety Commissioner. They have mechanisms in place to handle and investigate such reports.

Role of eSafety

What is the role of the eSafety Commissioner?
The eSafety Commissioner is responsible for regulating online safety in Australia. They play a crucial role in dealing with illegal or harmful online content, enforcing compliance with online safety regulations, and promoting a safer online environment for all users.

Updates to the Manual

How often is the Online Safety Code Manual updated?
The Online Safety Code Manual may be updated periodically to ensure compliance with evolving legal requirements and recommendations by the eSafety Commissioner. These updates aim to provide the most up-to-date information on online safety regulations and practices.

Where can I find out more?

Please refer to the full Online Safety Code Manual on our website. If you need any further information, you can refer our legals page.