VoLTE International Roaming (IR)

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) allows you to make quicker and clearer phone calls while multitasking on our advanced 4G (LTE) network in Australia.

To ensure that you receive quality connectivity when traveling abroad, we have established partnerships with roaming providers in various countries. However our roaming partners have traditionally supported 2G and 3G networks for voice calls.

As network technologies evolve, we are continuously updating our arrangements to include Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on 4G networks for improved quality and coverage. In some countries, VoLTE on 4G is already the only option available as our partners have phased out their 2G and 3G networks.

To ensure uninterrupted phone call experiences, especially for emergency calls when roaming, it is essential to have a 4G or 5G phone that is compatible with partner networks who support our 4G VoLTE roaming arrangements when traveling abroad.

Please note that using VoLTE while roaming in eligible countries requires your device to have VoLTE roaming capability. It's important to keep in mind that not all VoLTE-enabled handsets support this feature. Additionally, the devices that can be used for VoLTE calling in Australia may differ from those suitable for VoLTE roaming.

You can learn more about VoLTE here.


What are the benefits of VoLTE IR?

As our overseas partners shut down their 3G networks, you will need to have access to VoLTE IR so that voice calls can be made while roaming overseas.

Additionally, VoLTE IR delivers on the following benefits:

  1. Clearer calls - VoLTE IR gives clearer calls while roaming overseas and reduced background noise
  2. Less call waiting - VoLTE IR supports super quick call connection while roaming overseas. The time between tapping to call and being connected will drop significantly
  3. More multitasking - Need to look something up while you’re on a call? VoLTE IR enables simultaneous calls and high speed 4G data connections so you can multitask more easily

What countries can I use VoLTE IR in?

We have enabled VoLTE IR in several regions thus far and as we expand our support network internationally we will continue updating this page.

Current supported regions and carriers are;

  • Austria, T-Mobile
  • Canada, Bell & Telus & Rogers & AT&T Wireless
  • China, Unicom
  • Germany, TeleKom Deutschland (T-Mobile) & Telefonica
  • Greece, Cosmote
  • Hong Kong, CSL
  • India, Bharti & Reliance Jio
  • Italy, Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM)
  • Japan, NTT DoCoMo & Softbank (Vodafone)
  • Malaysia, DiGi Telecomms 1800
  • Netherlands, KPN Telecom
  • New Zealand, Spark NZ & Two Degrees Mobile
  • Singapore, StarHub
  • Spain, Telefonica
  • Sri Lanka, Dialog (MTN)
  • Switzerland, Swisscom
  • Thailand, dtac & TrueMove & AWN
  • The Republic of Korea, KT Corporation & SK Telecom
  • UK, O2, Everything Everywhere (EE) & Three
  • USA, T-Mobile USA & AT&T Wireless
  • Vietnam, Viettel

Will I see a VoLTE icon while roaming overseas on my phone?

The VoLTE icon may appear while overseas on your device, however, as there are a large number of different countries and carriers, we cannot guarantee that the VoLTE icon will appear in all cases, even if VoLTE is available in the country you’re roaming in.

The appearance of the VoLTE icon is dependent on device type and international location. The absence of a display of the VoLTE icon does not necessarily mean that VoLTE is not being used.

How do I know if my device supports VoLTE?

There are a couple of ways to check that:

  1. Visit your handset manufacturer's website and check the tech specs for your specific handset.
  2. Ensure your handset's software is up to date and update if necessary.
  3. Check your handset's mobile network settings. Different manufacturers put mobile network settings in different places, so visit your handset manufacturer's website for specific details on how you can enable VoLTE from your handset, provided that it is compatible.

What about Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi), will it be available in countries and networks that supports VoLTE IR?

VoWiFi is available for countries and networks that we support VoLTE IR in. Our solution allows VoWifi calls to Australian domestic destination numbers when you are overseas and connected to a compatible Wi-Fi network.

You will need to switch off Wi-Fi connection on your device in order to be able to make an international call to countries other than Australia.

Is Mobile video over Wi-Fi calls available?

No, Mobile Video calls over Wi-Fi are not supported.

Can I do conference calls with VoLTE IR?

No, there are no conference calling capabilities with international roaming, regardless of whether VoLTE IR is used or not.

Will emergency calls work with VoLTE IR?

In order to make an emergency call while overseas in a country and network that supports VoLTE IR, and your device supports VoLTE Emergency Calls, you will be able to place a call to emergency services.

If your device doesn’t support VoLTE Emergency Calls, and there is no 3G network coverage available in your location in the country you’re visiting, you will not be able to make an emergency call.