I'm having issues with SMS/MMS and calls, what should I check?

If you are having issues with your service, first of all please check out the trouble shooting help article to see if you can find a solution. 

If you are still having problems, please have a look at the below prior to contacting us - this will assist us in resolving your issue more efficiently.

Issues with SMS/MMS

If you are having issues sending or receiving, then you will need to provide us with some examples of messages that you have tried to send that have not been successful. You'll need to make a note of the following:

  • The time and date you attempted to send or receive the message (within a 24 hour time period)
  • The number you attempted to send to, or receive from
  • We'll need 3 different examples before we can investigate.

Issues with calls

If you are having issues making or receiving a call, then you will need to try your SIM card in a different handset before we are able to do further checks with the carrier, as we have to rule out the possibility that the issue is caused by your handset.

Please note that when you call us we'll need to run through some specific checks with you, we appreciate your patience whilst we do this as we know it can be frustrating when your phone is not working.

Please be assured we will try to have your service back up and running as soon as possible, and these checks are a requirement before we can lodge a fault.