How does the bonus data offer work? (Launched 1 November 2022)

Any service activated between 1 November, 2022 and 31 January, 2023 will receive bonus data on their first 6 eligible recharges.

This bonus data will appear in your data rollover balance.

Who is eligible?

Any new ALDImobile service that was activated from 1 November, 2022 to 31 January, 2023.

Which plans are eligible?

Customer Plan

Plan Data Allowance

Bonus Data

$25 Mobile Plan



$35 Mobile Plan



$45 Mobile Plan



$55 4G Mobile Plan



$45 Family Plan



$80 Family Plan



$110 Family Plan



Note: The $55 5G Mobile Plan is not eligible for this offer.

How do I claim my bonus data?

When you perform an eligible recharge, your bonus data will be automatically added to your data rollover balance.

What is an eligible recharge?

An eligible recharge is a recharge the meets the following criteria:

  • Is a recharge for an eligible plan
  • Is performed within 24 hours of the expiration of any previous recharge
  • Must occur consecutively
  • Can only occur a maximum of 6 times

Do I need to perform an eligible recharge on the same plan to continue to get the bonus?

You can perform an eligible recharge to any of the eligible plans above and you will receive the data bonus associated with that plan.

However, if you ever perform a recharge to a lower value plan than your current plan, you will lose your current data rollover balance.

Also, if you move from an eligible plan to an ineligible plan, you will no longer receive the data bonus - even if you eventually move back to an eligible plan.

What do I do if I didn't get my bonus data?

If you believe you should be eligible for this offer, but cannot see that bonus data has been added to your rollover balance, send us an eSupport message from your online account and we’ll get right back to you.