Will my device be able to call emergency services (000) after the 3G shutdown?

Most devices that support 4G VoLTE (Voice over LTE) will be able to make emergency calls to 000 after the 3G network is shut down on 31 August 2024. However, some older 4G devices may be locked to use the 3G network specifically for emergency calls.

If your device is affected by this issue, it means that once the 3G network is decommissioned, your device will lose the ability to connect to any network for making emergency calls to 000, even though it may still be able to make regular calls over 4G VoLTE.

It's important to note that this emergency call limitation is implemented in the device's software and cannot be changed or configured by the user.

To check if your device may be impacted, use our SMS Device Checker tool by texting '3G' to 3498. This will provide guidance on whether your device needs a software update or a hardware upgrade to ensure emergency call capability after the 3G closure.

Please do not call 000 to test your device, as this does not confirm the issue and will interfere with critical emergency services operations.

If the SMS tool indicates that your device could be affected, we strongly recommend upgrading to a newer, compatible device from a reputable seller in Australia. This will ensure you can continue making calls to 000 and other emergency services after the 3G network is decommissioned.