3G Shutdown Device Checker SMS Tool

Stay ahead of the 3G network shutdown by using our convenient 3G Device Checker SMS tool. This service allows you to quickly check if your mobile phone will be affected and what steps you may need to take.

How it Works

Simply text '3G' to 3498, and you'll receive a response indicating whether your device needs an upgrade or software update to continue working seamlessly after the 3G network is discontinued on 31 August 2024.

The tool uses recent network data to identify your device and provide a relevant response based on its capabilities. While the data is currently accurate as of 31 March 2024, it will be refreshed regularly to ensure you receive the most accurate information.

Potential Responses

You may receive one of the following responses:

  1. No upgrade needed: Good news – your device will work as normal after the 3G closure, so you don't have to do anything.
  2. Upgrade needed (hardware): Information about your current 3G-only or 4G non-VoLTE device and the need to upgrade to a 4G VoLTE-capable device to stay connected after the 3G shutdown.
  3. Update needed (software): Instructions on enabling 4G calling (VoLTE) on your 4G phone to continue making calls after the 3G shutdown, including emergency calls.
  4. Update firmware: Instructions to update your phone's operating system (iOS or Android) to ensure emergency call capability after the 3G closure.
  5. Device identification failure: If we can't confirm your device's compatibility, you'll be advised to check with the manufacturer or contact us for further support.
  6. Wrong category: If you texted from a non-mobile device, you'll be instructed to check with the manufacturer about its compatibility after the 3G closure, particularly for emergency calls.
  7. Timeout: In case of any temporary service unavailability, you'll be prompted to try again later.

Please note that if you've recently changed your phone, the tool may provide information based on your previous device's capabilities. In such cases, we recommend checking again after a short while. Users not on our network cannot send messages or voice traffic to 3489, so please contact your network or hardware provider for more information on your device's compatibility.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to ensure a smooth transition to the new 4G VoLTE and 5G network. Text '3G' to 3498 today and stay prepared for the upcoming changes.