Family Pack Information

The 4 important things you need to know about setting up your Family Pack
  • How to set up your Family Pack
  • What is an Owner and why it's important
  • How to view and manage data controls
  • How to recharge
The Family Pack has 30 days credit expiry. Read the full plan details here.

How to setup iconHow to set up your Family Pack

There are a few ways to set up your Family Pack, depending on whether you already have an ALDImobile service.

New to ALDImobile?

You can buy SIM cards for each service you'd like to include in your Family Pack online or through your local ALDI store. Once you have your SIM cards ready to activate, simply select 'I need to activate my Family Pack' from the activation options.

Already an ALDImobile customer?

If you already have all the services you want on your Family Pack on one ALDImobile account; you simply need to choose which service will be the Owner of the Pack, recharge it with the Family Pack using a credit card, and then move your other services using the Family Pack Dashboard. Make sure any current packs are expired so you don't forfeit any credits.

Want to add a brand-new service to your Family Pack? Simply activate any additional SIM cards that you need to your account and then move them into your Family Pack via the Family Pack dashboard.

Setting up with services on different ALDImobile accounts

If the services you want on your Family Pack are on different accounts, you should set up a Family Pack on your chosen Owner account, and then invite other services to join your Family Pack. The invitation will be sent to the online account of the recipient and if they accept, they will transfer ownership of their service to you and can start to enjoy the benefits of the Family Pack.

Find out more about how Family Packs can be set up on our Family Pack activation information page.

Owner User SIM card iconWhat is an Owner and User?

The Owner of a Family Pack is the service/person who is in control of the Pack. This will be the person who owns the account and has legal ownership of all services on that account. They will be the one who has the My ALDImobile online account log in details and can set the data usage limits for the Users as well as view the Family Pack dashboard to monitor Users and their usage and data balances.

An Owner can add up to 3 Users to their Family Pack, a User is someone who shares the data allowance of the pack. A User will not be able to check their balance or adjust their data allowance unless the Owner of the Pack gives them access to their account. Read more about how Users check their balance here

An Owner can add and remove Users at any time. It’s important to know that if the Owner terminates their service, or transfers their number away from ALDImobile, the Family Pack plan will be cancelled. Users will remain on the account but with only their individual PAYG balance available for calls and data. To recharge remaining User Services with a Value Pack so they have continuous service, they will need to be removed individually from the Family Pack.

Family Pack Dashboard iconFamily Pack Dashboard

As the Owner, you will be able to log into your My ALDImobile account, where you will be able to see a quick link to your Family Pack dashboard. There’s several things you can do with your Family Pack dashboard:

  1. Manage your Users – move services on your account into your Pack, invite other ALDImobile customers to join your Pack and remove Users from your Pack
  2. View data balances – you can see how much of your pack data has been used, and how much data rollover data you have remaining (if any).
  3. Set data limits - You can set a data limit for each User to control how much data they can use. You do not have to set limits, but if you don't, , a User could consume all the data allowance, leaving the Owner and other Users with no access to data.

Learn more about how data limits work here.

Data rollover calloutHow to recharge a Family Pack

You can recharge by logging into My ALDImobile via the ALDImobile website. Recharge via the mobile App or automated phone system is not available. You can also recharge your Family Pack using the voucher included with the 4 SIM Family Pack sold through ALDI stores between 30 January and 28 February 2019.

Once you have set up your Family Pack, you’ll see the option to auto recharge on your online dashboard, Enabling this means you don’t have to remember to recharge each month and ensures any unused data rolls over.

If you prefer, you can manually recharge each time your Pack expires. Provided you recharge within 24 hours of your previous packs expiry, we’ll recharge the Owner and all Users of the Pack so all services can access the pack inclusions, plus, any unused data will rollover.

question mark iconStill have questions?

We have a wealth of FAQs about our Family pack in our help section, so take a look and see if your question is answered here.


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