How do I set up an ALDImobile service?

Purchase your Starter Pack
Our full range of Starter Packs are available to order online or you can pick up a $5, $15 Mobile Plan or $25 Mobile Plan Starter Pack in an ALDI store near you. If you can’t decide which plan to choose, a PAYG starter pack is what you need to get connected and you can add a plan when you’re ready.

Keep your mobile number or get a new one
If you you’re bringing your existing mobile number to ALDImobile, check with your current provider that there aren’t any fees or charges for leaving. If you’re on a contract or post-paid plan, we’ll need your account number to organise the transfer.

Activating your new service

Before getting started, make sure:

  • You have your Driver’s Licence, Passport or Medicare card for ID
  • That your phone is by your side if you’re transferring your number as we’ll

SMS you a code to verify that you own the number and authorise the transfer.

When you’re good to go:       

  • Head to 
  • Select “New Service, new customer”
  • Enter the activation code in your Starter Pack
  • Follow the simple online instructions

To get started on your Mobile, Data or Family Plan Starter Pack activation:

  • Select “I have a voucher” in step 4 (the Recharge Option dropdown) and enter the voucher code received with your Starter Pack.

For $5 PAYG Starter Pack activation

Select “Pay with credit card or PayPal” and choose to add more PAYG credit or a plan to your service.